CD Paranoia for MacOS X

This is a quick hack to get cdparanoia running on MacOS X. It requires at least version 10.2 of MacOS X.

If you get the error “Could not obtain exclusive access to the device”, you need to free up the device so cdparanoia can access it. If the next line is “The volume is already mounted”, see the README.

As an alternative to using disktool to unmount the CD, you can rename and/or move /sbin/mount_cddafs. Note that if you do this, you will be unable to access audio CDs in iTunes and other applications until you move mount_cddafs back to its original name and location.

One user reported difficulties with iTunes not releasing control of the CD when unmounted; if you have problems and iTunes is running, try closing iTunes.

This has not been tested on CD-ROM drives which are not also burners. Due to some oddities in the way one locates and accesses CD-ROM drives under MacOS X, I don't think such devices will work. If you try it, let me know if it works (or doesn't work).

Version 5 of the port is now available; this supports multi-session CDs properly (fixing a bug in version 4 that stopped non-multi-session CDs from working). I no longer have an easy way to build MacOS X 10.2 binaries (I couldn't get the cross-development SDK to work), so the version 5 binary tarball is 10.3-or-newer-only. The source should still work on 10.2, but if you need a binary package, version 3 is still available.

I can be contacted at Note that I don't run MacOS X any more, so I don't plan on doing any more work on this port. I don't know if it runs on more recent versions of MacOS X.
The homepage for CD Paranoia can be found at
You can find other things I've done on my homepage, including a port of cdir and cdown from cdtool to MacOS X.